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Shayfeen - BLESSED (Prod by Soufiane Az)

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Other infusions almost always provide more AR sometimes more than double , and this makes blessed infusion worthless for most situations excluding parry shields. However, there are few exceptions, where blessed gem is obviously the best choice providing you have high faith : -Lothric Knight Greatsword -Drakeblood Greatsword -Dragonslayer's Axe -etc.

At 60 faith it reaches DON'T infuse other weapons! S scaling worth nothing if the base damage is halved. I'm not one for trying to get the most OP weapon. So this one works very well. Blessed weapons are definitely slept on due to the meta. Same as hollow builds. Only builds I use lol.

Incredible church apps. Your content. Connect always.

Finally, got one Blessed Gem. I wore the Symbol of Avarice. The only primary weapon I can see benefit from this is Lothric Knight Greatsword since it has lightning damage that would scale with this gem, and can still be infused. Is there anything else I'm missing, does it affect lightning buffs too? Since it can be buffed you stack its innate regen properties with blessed weapon and on the left hand the etherial oak shield, the sun princess ring and if time allows bountiful light thats 5 regens stacked up.

Rádios que tocam Bring Me The Horizon

My second left hand shield is the small leather shield which I figure has the superior parry, low requirements and can be acquired as soon as the first bonfire on the undead settlement. THAT is the only item I bless which makes it easier to get a superior regen build without tons of farming. I havent lost a single match as a spear of the church with this character ;. It also stacks i.

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