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By the end of that March she could throw Gulotta kept Mary Ellen on the varsity team that spring. They called a time out. The next batter bunted. Runner on first. The next batter bunted, right at her again. Same thing. When Coach got to the mound, Mary Ellen burst into tears. We can win! Four weeks later, she passed away. According to Mr. During his year tenure, his players compiled a record of wins and 88 losses. Sixth formers donned their college gear on National Deposit Day. RKMP Director Mike Dalton revived the Mountain Passport program this year to celebrate the arrival of spring and encourage the community to enjoy the Mountain and beyond.

Points were available for hiking to different destinations Mt. Everett: or enjoying outdoor activities canoeing the Housatonic: ; clearing the Ski Trail: , and prizes were awarded in three categories: students, faculty and staff, and families. The ticket to tallying up points? Sending selfies, left, as proof of completing each task. Black Rock in the rain?

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Not a problem for this crew. Nielsen and Ms. Christoph Jost rear center and Berkshire parent Jane Kreke far right. Christoph Jost, the head of Hildegardis Schule, a school in Hagen, Germany, had a life-changing experience as a high school exchange student in San Francisco.

The experience was so transformative that, as a head of school, he was determined to offer the same kind of experience to his own students. The exchange with Berkshire grew naturally from a conversation he had with Berkshire parent and board member, Jane Kreke, who lives in Hagen.

Their visit happened to land during Carnivale, making for an extra special two days in Berlin.

While our students were nervous at first, Moodey loved watching them discover that their. This visit, too, was fully immersive, leaving the German students most impressed by the way students and faculty live on campus together and the bonds that are formed because of it. As Dr. Jost put it, the exchange experience is one of accelerated. Teenagers, who often underestimate themselves, need reallife experiences to see that they can do things on their own, far outside their comfort zones. They get a chance to use their English with native speakers while melding the two cultures.

The plan for next year is already in motion. According to Kreke, Berkshire students will return to Hildegardis and travel to the beautiful region of Bavaria, which will include visits to Munich and Neuschwanstein Castle. The goal of creating an ongoing cultural collaboration, intermingling students from different cultures, appears to be realized. In the process, it has become clear that the gap between us really is quite small.

Jane grew up in nearby Salisbury, Conn.

While at Berkshire, she played field hockey, squash and lacrosse, enjoyed cross country skiing and was a member of The Trail yearbook committee. After college, she eventually moved back home to Salisbury where she started her own gardening business. In , she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When Jane became too sick to work, friends, family and community members paid her household bills so that she could remain in her home. The Jane Lloyd Fund was created to thank the community and to continue the cycle of generosity that allowed Jane to remain at home during her battle with cancer.

August 2004

Burchfield, whose husband, Chris Burchfield, is the head coach of the boys varsity lacrosse team at Hotchkiss, thought inviting local athletic teams to the Spring Splash might provide just the boost they were looking for. This is a great new tradition for Berkshire lacrosse. Peter R.

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She has held administrative and policy positions and political appointments at the White House, U. Department of State, and the U. Mission to the United Nations in New York. Currently engaged in philanthropic and volunteer activities in the community and local schools, Cary is also a former competitive cyclist, a lifelong skier and a daily practitioner of Bikram yoga. The board convened in April for its annual spring meeting on campus. There is nothing like being back in the Berkshires and on campus.

Anagram Solver: Over 200,000 Anagrams at Your Fingertips

It is as beautiful as your fondest memory of it. Both David and Kimberly enjoy tennis, paddle and skiing. Dahari was the recipient of a grant from the Jonathan W. Dahari traveled to Japan to learn traditional pottery from a master. Fortunately for all of us, the master she trained with was Hiro San who, beyond his clear skill in working with clay, has a great desire to spread the word about Japanese handcrafts to the world. Dahari credits her time in Japan, and especially her time with Hiro San, with making her much more proficient in wheelthrowing and with developing a mindfulness about material waste.

She became more comfortable and confident about teaching the Japanese style of pottery.

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Descended from a long line of ceramic masters, Hiro San taught both a course in clay and a second course, focused on preparing Japanese comfort food. For him, it all boils down to what it means to take care and create something precious. Dahari says that her experience in Japan was like going back to kindergarten all over again. She started from scratch and frequently found herself stopping her work to watch Hiro San work. It was a mutually beneficial experience, with Dahari returning able to communicate what she learned to her students, and Hiro San having shown another student the lasting beauty of Japanese handcrafts.

When Dahari invited Hiro San to Berkshire, he immediately accepted. After arriving on campus, Hiro San was initially surprised to find that the students were truly interested in him, his life and his language. For their part, the students were mesmerized by both the man and his work. In the clay class, they watched, transfixed, as he showed them how to throw pots his way.

Member Since

And over the course of the week, their work began to reflect his tutelage. Thanks to the Strom grant and Pro Vita, both Mrs. Dahari and our community have benefitted from a generational knowledge base and a very real love of passing that knowledge on. Not only did Mrs. Dahari get a chance to learn from a master, but we did, too. All in the Family Once again, Berkshire saw more siblings and children of graduates enroll than ever before: 71 and counting! A Berkshire board member originally raised the idea, and Mr. Lloyd and his students were excited to take on the challenge.

Since the closest public charging station is in Lakeville, Conn. Students in the class did the bulk of the research during the fall semester. Though initially daunted by the challenge of figuring out where to start, they began by gathering information about companies that would be able to provide maintenance in the area and the general feasibility of the project.

They then conducted interviews and selected a company to supply the charger.

Al Margolis - Contact Information, Biography, Books, and Pictures

Lloyd acted primarily as a guide throughout, giving students agency in the process and trusting them to do their due diligence. He even found. They did not disappoint. Overall, the research and development phase taught each of them things that they never would have learned otherwise. They worked around the clock to submit their application quickly, as funding is limited.

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In April,. Right: The Sustainability class whose hard work brought a car charging station to campus.